Smart Satellite Communications

Digital Security of Smart Satellite Communications

ASSURED will be used to perform runtime attestation of a key distribution application at the level of constellation.

Key distribution is highly crucial for several applications (e.g. surveillance, communication, etc. ) utilize application-level and transport-level encryption techniques fortify the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the processed data.

Key distribution system crucial for the Cryptographic system security

Key distribution is performed using:

  • a communication uplink channel between a ground control-station and a receiving satellite,
  • several point to point links between satellite and a downlink channel between a satellite and the
    receiving ground station.

Low earth orbit satellites constitute a significant breakthrough on the field of space exploitation. They democratized a field which was completely beyond the reach of resource-limited organizations. As a result, cost-effective constellation of CubeSats have been deployed and proven their usefulness over existing multi-million high altitude satellites.