Future Proofing of ICT Trust Chains

Sustainable Operational Assurance and Verification Remote Guards for Systems-of-Systems Security and Privacy.

Athanasios Giannetsos
ASSURED Project Coordinator (DTU)

ASSURED brings together renowned partners from industry and academia and gives us the possibility to shape the future development of secure and trustworthy CPSoS and services that can greatly benefit the lifecycle of various safety-critical application domains.

Ilia Christantoni
ASSURED Consortium partner (DAEM)

ASSURED enhances public safety in the Smart and Secure Cities domain providing mechanisms that safeguard data integrity and trustworthiness. We expect to introduce a security policy to cities that foresees protection starting from the complex city-systems to a device level.

Nikos Drosos
ASSURED Consortium partner (SPACE)

ASSURED technical achievements will be used for better securing CubeSat missions via providing effective resiliency against multiple attack vectors.

Sotiris Koussouris
ASSURED Consortium partner (Suite5)

The overall development lifecycle of safety-critical applications that rely on CPS and relevant services can be truly rejuvenated by the ASSURED framework and its offered solutions, as novel technological concepts are brought together and offer increased levels of security, privacy and trust.

Kaitai Liang
ASSURED Consortium partner (TU Delft)

We are very excited to be part of ASSURED and become the pioneer to leverage advanced ICT technologies – merging applied cryptography, blockchain and trusted hardware – to design a ground-breaking policy-drive, formally verified, and runtime assurance framework which will be deployed in smart manufacturing, smart city and satellite domains.

Andreas Zalonis
ASSURED Consortium partner (INTRASOFT International S.A.)

Very excited to be part of ASSURED and participate in the development and implementation of a novel resilient cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework in the complex domain of Cyber-Physical System.

Dimitrios Papamartzivanos
ASSURED Consortium partner (UBITECH)

We are really excited to be part of ASSURED which leverages advanced technologies to enhance the security posture of safety-critical application domains. The groundbreaking technology solutions of ASSURED will enable the continuous assessment of the lifecycle of heterogenous “Systems-of-Systems” enabled ecosystems in order to guarantee their trusted, secure, traceable and auditable operation.


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Smart City


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Smart Satellite Communication



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