ASSURED interview series spotlights cybersecurity challenges and sustainable solutions

Welcome to the ASSURED expert interview series, in which we are talking about the future of security in next-generation smart connectivity systems comprising heterogeneous IoT and other types of cyber-physical systems.

The eighth ASSURED expert interview focuses on the most pressing challenges in cybersecurity and their potential solutions. This round features Edlira Dushku and Benjamin Larsen, renowned cybersecurity experts from the Technical University of Denmark, who shared their insights on the urgent cybersecurity challenges that ASSURED is tackling.

The ASSURED partners emphasised the importance of the security-by-design principle and the need for techniques to detect compromised devices amidst the growing number of cyber-attacks.

Edlira and Benjamin also discussed about the need to move towards sustainable security solutions, stating that the research and industry must focus on future-proof security mechanisms. Despite technical hurdles, they were optimistic about ASSURED progress and hopeful about the positive impacts the project could bring to the cybersecurity landscape.