Securing the future of Smart Aerospace: Insights from ASSURED expert Stylianos Basagiannis

Welcome to the ASSURED expert interview series, in which we are talking about the future of security in next-generation smart connectivity systems comprising heterogeneous IoT and other types of cyber-physical systems.

The seventh expert interview series features Stylianos Basagiannis from Collins Aerospace, which leads the project’s use case on digital security of smart aerospace.

In our interview, Stylianos talked about the urgent problem in cybersecurity research that the ASSURED t is trying to solve. As aerospace systems are becoming more connected and integrated, new security mechanisms are required to ensure the correct, safe, and secure operation of cyber-physical systems.

The interview covers the integration of security solutions in a safety-critical application domain like aerospace and how it can help protect the supply chain operations in the industry. Stylianos also talked about the challenges of conducting tests on actual hardware and the need for multidisciplinary collaboration in such projects. Finally, he discussed the strategic exploitation avenues that Collins Aerospace is targeting after the end of ASSURED and what success would look like for the company.