Turning Policies into Mitigation Practices for Sustainable Smart Cities

On December 14 2022, Ubitech, with the collaboration of DAEM, held a webinar entitled “ASSURED CyberSecurity and Insider Threats: Turning Policies into Mitigation Practices for Sustainable Smart Cities“.

The overarching vision of future-proofing the next-generation of Smart Connectivity “Systems-of-Systems”, comprising a multitude of heterogeneous embedded systems, is of paramount importance for cementing Europe’s vision towards secure and sustainable smart cities. In this context, considering the diversity of involved stakeholders with varying security and privacy requirements, the endmost goal is to enable the long-term transformation of such distributed environments with security solutions that can cover all the layers of the deployed application stack; from network security to application security and data security, each element plays an important role into the system’s overall security posture.

The presentations were given by members of the ASSURED consortium, providing an overview of the security and trusted computing capabilities that ASSURED can offer. Participants were introduced to the employed security policy definition language capable of (automatically) compiling policies that are expressive, deployable and enforceable while allowing for their update during runtime if new risks have been identified and based on the resources available on the target system. The goal was to reason behind the construction of new types of policy languages, their application in safety-critical domains such as smart cities and get valuable feedback on their usability on real use cases and applications.

The slides are available here:

If you miss the webinar, the recording is available below and on our YouTube channel.