DAEM contributes to the ASSURED Expert Interview series

Welcome to the ASSURED expert interview series, in which we are talking about the future of security in next-generation smart connectivity systems comprising heterogeneous IoT and other types of cyber-physical systems.

The sixth expert interview features Dimitra Tsakanika and Ilia Christantoni, from DAEM, the IT company of the City of Athens. In ASSURED, DAEM is coordinating the use case on smart cities to address the privacy and confidentiality of the data and their exchange within the systems.

The privacy and security of the citizens’ data is of the utmost importance for the success of the smart city system. The use case aims to enhance public safety, interconnect the digital resources and automate their interaction to create integrated services, and ensure the security of high-level systems.

This is an ongoing journey towards digital transformation, and we are applying a strategic plan that focuses both on leveraging the provision of smart city services to public administration and citizens, but also ensuring the security of critical infrastructure systems and physical safety of citizens”, says Dimitra Tsakanika and Ilia Christantoni.

DAEM is focusing on several aspects such as the security of city systems, the monitoring of data flows, and health state of devices, and the notification of city officers in case of cyberattacks. The challenge they are addressing is ensuring the time-wise response and notification, citizens’ safety, and data security.

Watch the full interview to learn more.

Stay tuned to hear from other ASSURED experts.