ASSURED at Driving IT 2022

We would like to shed light on the work performed by one of our project partners, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Benjamin Larsen is an Invited Expert in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) – TPM Workgroup and a PhD Student at the Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Section for Cyber Security Engineering, specializing in Trust and Privacy.

The event was organized by IDA – the Danish Society of Engineers, a modern professional association for technical, IT, and natural sciences professionals. As part of Driving IT 2022, established on November 04, 2022, Benjamin Larsen delivered an insightful presentation entitled “Practical aspects of taking back control of your digital identity” talking about the security and privacy challenges in Identity Management.

Following the latest trend in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), also referred to as “Identity 2.0”, Benjamin highlighted possible privacy implications for a user’s identity and personal information (attributes) to be leaked when a user interacts with multiple service providers. What is further needed for SSI to give individuals full control and autonomy on their digital identities while establishing trust with an interaction? With more and more services occurring online, consumers are seeking better and more trustworthy privacy controls. Compounding this issue, Benjamin presented ASSURED’s work on federated identities managed by Wallets offering high level of security and privacy assurances through the use of HW-based keys.

ASSURED novel design based on the W3C Decentralized identifiers and Verifiable Credentials, enabling secure selective disclosure of only those user attributes needed for accessing a specific service, can offer a significant milestone to the privacy challenges of the current fragmented identity ecosystem comprising multiple third-party identity providers that lack interoperability.

For more information, watch Benjamin’s full presentation here: ​​