ASSURED participated in the TCG members meeting

ASSURED participated in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) members meeting that took place between July 25th-28th, 2022 in Washington, USA.

Benjamin Larsen, from DTU, and Thanassis Giannetsos, from UBITECH and ASSURED Technical Coordinator, presented the latest project activities in the context of secure, privacy-preserving but also accountable trusted computing protocols by discussing the newly designed attestation enablers towards enhancing the operational assurance of heterogeneous service graph chains. More particularly, the focus was on the latest runtime behavioural attestation services, targeting both the software and hardware layers and covering all phases of a device’s execution; from the trusted boot and integrity measurement of a CPS, enabling the generation of static, boot-time or load-time evidence of the system’s components correct configuration (Configuration Integrity Verification (CIV), to the runtime behavioural attestation of those safety-critical components of a system providing strong guarantees on the correctness of the control- and information-flow properties (Control-flow Attestation).

Especially for the latter, the focal point was on the new generation of CFA schemes that ASSURED proposes supported by Artificial Intelligence towards enhancing the performance and scalability when composing secure systems from potentially insecure systems. All these trust anchors, as part of ASSURED’s attestation ensemble, were also highlighted as part of the target use cases, in which they are evaluated, to showcase better their feasibility and applicability in real-world safety-critical systems (Smart Manufacturing, Smart Aerospace, Smart Cities and Smart Satellites).

Benjamin Larsen at TCG members meeting