Assured at the European Identity and Cloud Summit

Thanassis Giannetsos, technical coordinator of ASSURED, participated in the European Identity and Cloud Summit as a member of the “SSI in healthcare: from devices to individuals, challenges and opportunities” panel.

EIC Summit 2022

The panel focused on discussing the role of self-sovereign identities and blockchain in the context of healthcare. They discussed the upcoming EU digital identity wallet and how this will empower new healthcare ecosystems, what are the technology innovations and the required legal compliance. They also explored the work currently being performed within a few European projects.

Thanassis discussed about the latest innovations in the context of SSI and talked about the work we have been doing in ASSURED towards the development of a TPM-based Wallet protected with hardware-based keys for enabling the secure on-chain interactions in a policy-compliant blockchain infrastructure.

ASSURED  at the EIC Summit