PUZZLE Validation Contracts Call is open

PUZZLE Validation Contracts Call of €10.000 for 10 highly ranked SMEs&MEs and 5 highly ranked Cybersecurity Vendors is Open Now!

Cybersecurity is a complex and fast-evolving field, security professionals and experts working for SMEs & MEs need constant learning. H2020 PUZZLE project’s novel approach of providing cybersecurity services through a marketplace, easy to adopt and deploy within SMEs&MEs network and computational infrastructure, leads to a bigger picture of improved readiness and responsiveness of SMEs&MEs in the areas of security, privacy, threats management, and personal data protection.

Through this Validation Contracts Call, the interested parties are invited to present their idea on how the PUZZLE Marketplace could complement the development activities of a product/service they are already providing to their customers, detailing the PUZZLE components and services utilized, to prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness and value of the PUZZLE concepts, models and mechanisms under real-life conditions.

What is the PUZZLE Validation Contest?

The PUZZLE Validation Contest is a funded Open Call that will award selected applicants with a grant of 10.000€ in order to connect their systems and services to the PUZZLE framework, in order to verify its application, functioning and design at this stage of development. The validation contest will assist in starting the services uptake and testing of the PUZZLE Marketplace by gathering feedback from interested parties.

Who is the PUZZLE call for?

Through the Validation Contracts, the PUZZLE project seeks use cases from IT-based or non IT-based SMEs&MEs and start-ups not only in the areas of Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Agrifood, E-Government, but also in manufacturing, retails, construction, farming, education, logistics to encourage their cybersecurity awareness.

More information you can find on the following links: PUZZLE Validation Contracts Call – Press Release and PUZZLE Validation Contracts Call. Before applying, read the PUZZLE Guidelines for Applicants. Apply before until May 31st 2022!

About the Project

Towards a Sophisticated SIEM Marketplace for Blockchain-based Threat Intelligence and Security-as-a-Service. PUZZLE is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework. The project brings together multidisciplinary competencies and resources from the academia, industry and research communities focusing on digital community, multi-dependency cyber-physical risk assessment, edge trust assurance services and remote attestation, distributed processing, programmable networking mechanisms, cybersecurity analytics, deep analysis and distributed machine learning, threat intelligence and blockchain technologies. Safer tools. Better performancewww.puzzle-h2020.com.

PUZZLE Validation Contracts CALL of €10.000 is LAUNCHED!