Ahmad Atamli for the ASSURED expert interview series

Welcome to the ASSURED expert interview series, in which we are talking about the future of security in next-generation smart connectivity systems comprising heterogeneous IoT and other types of cyber-physical systems.

The second expert interview featured Ahmad Atamli from NVIDIA, one of the ASSURED project partners. Ahmad and his team are trying to tackle one of the biggest challenges of building such mechanisms – the efficient monitoring of the behavior of a system that the ASSURED projects wants to attest and secure.

In the ASSURED project, NVIDIA is involved in the definition of the tracer and its ability to enhance attestation based on run-time execution, and its ability to provide reports on the execution control flow graph of an embedded application (see also here).

During the interview, Ahmad talked about the core properties offered by trusted computing technologies for enhancing security, attestation and how it translates into the trustworthiness of a single device as well as the entire supply chain, the main challenges in remote attestation of low-end embedded devices, and detection mechanisms used in low-power devices and techniques used to record data.

Watch the full interview to hear his valuable insights and learn why advanced tracing of a device’s system properties is so critical for ASSURED!

Stay tuned to hear from other experts.