Security and trust with TPM

Today, we would like to shed light on the work performed by one of our project partners, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

As a partner of the project, DTU brings internationally visible research in several key areas including hardware security, cryptographic algorithms, attestation mechanisms for trusted computing, and formal analysis of security protocols. Prior experience of the key participants includes funded projects in areas that are closely related not only to the key research vision of ASSURED towards trustworthy ICT supply chains but also to the envisioned use cases.

DTU speaks at the Security and Trust with Trusted Platform Modules Webinar

The webinar was organized by IDA IT on March 22, 2021, and featured Benjamin Larsen from DTU as a speaker. The webinar was intended for people with knowledge about generic security concepts and cryptography, familiar with the concept of Public Key Infrastructure.

As secure hardware is being tasked with enabling higher levels of security and trust in devices, providing a potential cornerstone for the security of the modern IT infrastructure, the event first introduced the concept of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and focused on how the current security research seeks to use it for high levels of user and device-based security through refined trust. The second part of the webinar allowed the audience to take a closer look at TPMs in action by analyzing a peculiar security setting found in one of the most prominent secure boot loading processes (Bitlocker), and investigating how and why it serves as an example of “too much trust”.

Watch the “Security and trust with Trusted Platform Modules” presentation here: ​​

Benjamin Larsen, DTU at Driving IT Copenhagen 2021

As part of Driving IT Copenhagen 2021, established on November 05, 2021, Benjamin Larsen delivered an insightful presentation entitled “Enabling Security and Privacy: an introduction to modern trusted computing,” during which he presented the concept of privacy and security in modern IT systems and discussed how trust can be used as an enabler for security and privacy.

You can watch his full presentation here: ​​