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Uni Systems Luxembourg Sàrl (UniSystems Lux), which is an affiliate of Uni Systems S.M.S.A, is an IT company focused on providing IT services that enable value creation for its customers by promoting emerging technologies and their application in the IT landscape.

In the ASSURED project, Uni Systems Luxembourg Sàrl will actively be engaged in the development of the overall framework by integrating the technical building blocks providing the functionalities and core services in the fields of remote attestation, dynamic real-time risk assessment, and enhanced and accountable knowledge sharing of operational (threat) intelligence data flows (through the use of policy-compliant Blockchain structures). Especially for the latter, Uni Systems will be responsible for the setup and management of the entire Blockchain infrastructure, based on HyperLedger Fabric architecture that will be used not only as an auditing and certification mechanism on the threat intelligence information sharing activities of ASSURED but also for enforcing the attestation security policies through the use of smart contracts. By assuring auditable, security, and privacy policy compliant actions, ASSURED also guarantees that supply chain ecosystems, comprising multiple heterogeneous devices as well as various stakeholders with different data-sharing behaviours, meet the strict trustworthiness requirements.

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