Discover our Consortium: UTRC-I

UTRC-I is a Collins Aerospace company – part of Raytheon Corporation – established in Cork, Ireland with a mission to develop advanced technologies – “what’s next” – for the businesses of Collins Aerospace, particularly those based in Europe, and to work with other industry, national laboratories and academic institutions to broaden the scope and impact of new technology developments along the value chain.

In ASSURED, UTRC-I envisions the usage of security attestation technology in the future ICT supply chain for aerospace products and services. At the same time, ASSURED’s lightweight cryptography and smart contracts’ solutions will help UTRC-I to evaluate the technology on aerospace embedded platforms with a focus on the evaluation of mixed criticality requirements for security, safety and overall performance of the device. Such a technology application and exploitation will not only protect the future ICT supply chains in aerospace CPSoS, but also, it will define and enable a new security-flavored design cycle for interconnected aircraft devices that need to respect security and safety guaranties as suggested in recent cyber-security EU certification directives.

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