“Cybersecurity in IoT” on Sensors journal

UbiTech, a partner of ASSURED project, is editing a special issue for Sensors (an Open Access Journal by MDPI) focusing on “Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things“.

Sensors is a leading journal devoted to fast publication of the latest technological developments and scientific research in the huge area of physical, chemical and biochemical sensors, including remote sensing and sensor networks. Both experimental and theoretical papers are published, including sensor design, technology, proof of concept and application. Sensors organizes Special Issues devoted to specific sensing areas and applications each year.

This Special Issue focuses on advanced IoT cybersecurity technologies that take into account the per-device security and their grid-interconnected network towards establishing “communities of trust”.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

  • Traditional and IoT cybersecurity;
  • Access control, authentication, and authorization;
  • Trust establishment, relationships and propagation, and reputation systems;
  • Attestation technologies and decentralized roots-of-trust;
  • Key management and key recovery;
  • Control-flow binary tracing and RISC-V security;
  • Trusted execution environments and/or TPM security applications in IoT networks;
  • Security in smart grid;
  • Security in edge and fog computing;
  • Usable security and privacy in IoT;
  • Formal verification of security protocols;
  • Data protection in transit and in storage for IoT networks;
  • Blockchain-based cybersecurity applications;
  • Cryptographic trust anchors for secure on- and off-chain knowledge management and data sharing;
  • Malware detection and propagation;
  • Adversarial machine learning;
  • Intrusion detection;
  • Efficient cryptography.
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The submission deadline is December 20th, 2021.
More information is available here:

“Cybersecurity in IoT” on Sensors journal